India has the ability to spring surprise. My friend, Rajesh Kumar, also has this ability and my thirty-third visit turned out to be my second best. There was a thrill every day and if you are interested, please read on...
Having worked all day, I took the last Emirates flight of the day at 10pm to Dubai and it was, as always, very comfortable & very good. The timing of this flight is ideal for me as it still allows me to work all day and make it to Heathrow comfortably even if there are delays.
There was a wait in Dubai but as I can go into one of the Emirates lounges, it never seems that long and, after another very comfortable flight to Calcutta despite a delay after some passengers checked in but then pulled out, I was at a modest hotel near the Airport around 9pm. Enquiring about the rate of exchange, a brief call was made and I was taken to the main part of the hotel - which I was unaware existed - a couple of minutes walk away and
The revamped Eden Gardens at Calcutta proudly showed the rate of Rs67.50 when I knew it should have been nearer Rs77. I remain convinced that the board was altered once they knew I was on my way for money but I wasn't going to be tricked that easily.
I went into Calcutta by bus & on foot being too impatient to wait for another bus & thinking, as always, that I could do it quicker. Of course, I didn't and ended up walking for quite some time in weather of 32 degrees but I did get to the revamped Eden Gardens to watch a little bit of a Ranji Trophy Super League match which was fun. After a decent lunch & welcome beer at the Lytton hotel, I met up with a "family" member, Melvin de Doncker. I might explain here that, almost twenty years ago,
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