One side of my family hailed from Yorkshire and, having not been there for around sixteen years, I decided to return for a long weekend at the beginning of October. I had been to Bradford before but not Leeds and put up close to the City Square on the first night and loved the more old-fashioned buildings and the vibrancy of the place.
Headingley Cricket Ground
City Square, Leeds
I moved to The Met Hotel , also very close to the City Square, and it was the type of hotel which I love: old-fashioned with large rooms, high ceilings, a remarkable chandelier running from the top floor to the ground and impressive public rooms. It is instantly recognisable as it is one of the few red bricked buildings and reminded me somewhat of the Lord’s Pavilion. My room was large and excellent and it was a pleasure to stay there.
As well as enjoying the main sights of Leeds, I spent a good deal of time in Bradford. Again, the main buildings are impressive if gaunt but, for me, I would much rather see this type of building and architecture than the more modern. The weather unfortunately wasn’t kind but the excellent bus and train service allowed me to see plenty at a negligible rate and eating out didn’t cost much with plenty of offers and restaurants and pubs etc.
I had my first ever visit to the Leeds cricket ground at Headingley. It might have been the second as in 2001 I was deputed by the B.B.C to score there but unfortunately I was then moved. It was an honour to score for the B.B.C at Blackpool but I would have enjoyed Headingley. The ground has changed and I couldn’t get in but it was good seeing the Yorkshire greats immortalised in different ways by the main entrance.
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