Ten days after returning from India, I was off to Romania for Easter. Two days in Transylvania and the last day in Bucharest and, no, I didn't entirely go for the Dracula connections and have only picked up Bram Stoker's iconic novel since my return.
Sighisoara The evening before my Wizzair flight from Luton to Targu Mures, I was lucky to be able to have a very enjoyable evening with my friends, Karen and Paul Rolfe, near Luton before checking in late at what is becoming a reasonably regular hotel for me, the excellent and centrally located Best Western Strathmore in Luton.
I must say that the airlines online check-in - and especially when you just take hand luggage - is a real bonus so I avoided the usual long queues at Luton the next morning but learned a valuable lesson with Wizzair: having for the first time paid for the speedy boarding, I couldn't then have a legroom seat as that is another extra. It seems
Sighisoara clock tower by night
Vlad Tepes's house in Sighisoara
The reason a lot of people come! Outside Vlad Tepes's house in Sighisoara
better to buy the legroom seat and forget about the priority boarding so, by the time I reached Targu Mures, I was older, wiser and a bit stiffer! I took the Wizzair transfer minibus into one of Targu Mures's bus stations and bizarrely ended up on the only remaining departure to Sighisoara with the same driver an hour later. Transportation in Romania involves a lot of minibuses - maxibuses, even, I've seen them called - and this one was busy. The driver kept shouting at everyone, me included but most importantly let me on and, after everyone did somehow get on, he calmed down and was as helpful as he had been at the airport. Sighisoara is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating place made more famous by its being the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, on whom Bram Stoker based Dracula. Vlad Tepes's house near the impressive and eerie clock tower is now a museum and restaurant.
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