My appetite whetted by last year's first venture to Oslo and Stavanger, I returned slightly higher up to Alesund and the Geraingerjord for what turned out to be another memorable weekend.
I flew with Norwegian on their direct flight to Alesund from Gatwick: they were very good and their flight schedules on direct flights from the UK always seem reasonable also. The  just over two hour flight had a memorable descent over mountains and sea dotted with many small islands and, despite a bit of a wait for my bag which inevitably was one of the last off, I still made the bus into the town more comfortably than I thought likely. Alesund
View of Alesund from Fjellstua
Alesund is a marvellous town re-built in art nouveau style after a catastrophic fire early in the 20th century. I stayed in the Radisson Blu hotel which was very conveniently situated on the waterside and very close to the docking area for the Hurtigruten coastal service which I would take the following day. The main centre of Alesund is
not that big but very compact and there are memorable views from a place above the town, Fjellstua, and naturally I went up there twice, the second time in the late evening to try for some night time shots. Unsuccessfully, as I forgot that, in June, there isn't a vast amount of darkness... It was still comparatively light when I turned in at 11pm.
The next morning I was on my way after a decent breakfast in the Radisson Blu overlooking what, to me, seemed a few fairly choppy waves amidst a fairly dark background. (I later saw
a weather conditions chart on the Hurtigruten which ranged in severity from 1 to 12 and I am confident that I was looking out over waves with a rating of level 1...) My father is the seafaring one in our family, I most certainly am not and he tells me that I have been on a ship not a boat... M/S Nordkapp, one of the Hurtigruten fleet
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