I liked to think that I would never fall for adverts: tolerate them, yes, but never be taken in by them. Generally, I haven’t done at all badly but, for once, I don’t mind saying that a photo in a Sunday Times travel section of an awesome looking rock overlooking a Norwegian fjord jumped out at me twice around June last year and I decided that I had to go. (To substantiate my claims about adverts, I cannot remember which company did the advertising…)
I was aware that a parsimonious soul - okay, mean - like me was always likely to be astounded by the price of eating. I was disappointed of course: it was not only eye-opening, wallet-opening and emptying but jaw-dropping. Oslo's Royal Palace
A grateful street actor thanks a donator
Having booked this Easter trip at the end of July 2010, I could only get excited by it a week beforehand after the threat of another British Airways strike had abated. I used three airlines - B.A to Oslo, Norwegian to Stavanger and S.A.S back to Heathrow - and so was slightly concerned that I might not even get there.
I am happy to say that I made a mistake by pre-judging Oslo from my guidebook and reckoned that, whilst I never regret going to anywhere new, I didn’t expect to find Oslo memorable. On a glorious afternoon, its many sights, marina, street actors and relaxed atmosphere made for a lovely afternoon.
Oslo's City Hall  and marina
Starting off at the Royal Palace - not dissimilar to Buckingham Palace - and moving down to the City Hall on the marina with its myriad statues via the main thoroughfare, Karl Johanns Gate, the main sights are fairly close together. The Parliament building is also an impressive, if fairly small, building and, whilst there are many other places to visit, I only had this afternoon to do a spot of sightseeing. The transport prices are fairly alarming: having failed to get my NOK500 note to work for a rail ticket, I went by Flybussen’s Airport Bus for a similarly priced forty five minute journey into the city and a return ticket was almost £30.
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