My first visit to Berlin, aged around 4, was less than distinguished. On a military trip with my parents returning from West Berlin to West Germany via East Germany, I played hide-and-seek with a Russian guard whilst the British Military Train which we were on was searched for potential escapers underneath the train: I am told that I received an amiable response and wave from the guard. On an earlier coach tour during the same visit, around forty personal were expected and counted at Checkpoint Charlie and we were found to be one short: I was revealed as the miscreant scrambling around on the floor and duly hoisted up to allow us to continue our journey.
Kurfurstendamm, BerlinSchloss Charlottenburg, BerlinTopography of Terror with a rare remnant of the Berlin Wall in the backgroundGermany's Parliament building, the Reichstag
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Forty odd years later, I returned to this fascinating city. Flying with easyJet from Bristol to Schoenefeld - one of, at one time, four Berlin airports - I spent two nights near Prenzlauer Berg but with only one full day. It was an exhausting day but immensely rewarding visiting the Brandenburg Gate, the immensely impressive Parliament building, the Reichstag, parts of the few remaining remnants of the wall and the Ku'Damm.
Berlin was much more agreeable on the pocket than Norway. A wide variety of restaurants to suit all budgets and an impressive transport system including trams, S and U-Bahn trains and buses: I rarely had to wait long and an unlimited day pass cost a mere 6.80 euros covering all areas of Berlin. I'm not surprised that I was exhausted at the end of my full day having decided to venture out to a concentration camp, Sachsenhausen: as it happened, I might have been better off seeing more of the central sights as it took quite a time to reach Sachsenhausen.
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