- By Arun Kumar Thakur

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Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd
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Pages: 161

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In another recent review, I had bemoaned the lack of and my surprise at the paucity of books about Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This book, however, was exactly the type of book which I had been hoping and looking for about India’s charismatic captain.

If you are looking for statistics of Dhoni’s career, this is not the book for you. If, however, you are looking for an insight into Dhoni the man, this is an excellent account. Arun Kumar Thakur is undoubtedly a big fan of Dhoni and, as well as being an English teacher with Ranchi University, writes in an easy style and encapsulates all the aspects of Dhoni and his many good causes. Ranchi is Dhoni’s home town and there is good coverage of Dhoni’s dream home and how the fans often congregate outside his house for a glimpse of their famous hero.

For all Dhoni’s good points, Thakur does not shy away from mentioning the very occasional negative point. There isn’t much because Dhoni is simply not that sort of person. Thakur quotes from people who knew Dhoni and so we learn many things from this iconic player’s younger days, his love of motorbikes, his family and about his marriage to Sakshi Singh Rawat eighteen months ago and the many good causes he puts his hand to. Dhoni remains a humble man and this is well portrayed within the book.

There is a smattering of black and white photos which well portray the type of person we have found Dhoni – or Mahi and MSD as he is often referred to as – to be. A shame that they are not in colour but never mind as the substance of the book is far more important. Although Dhoni appears to be approachable he guards his privacy fiercely and this is well documented within the book. There is so much of interest in this book: Dhoni’s superstitions, his family, wedding, likes and loves, his batting technique, his brand value and many other aspects including his various hair styles!

At times the proof-reading might have been a little more careful but Arun Kumar Thakur has produced, for me, exactly the type of book which I was looking for and I can unashamedly say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and all in one afternoon on a train journey out of Delhi and I didn’t find it easy to put down. Of the three books which I have read on M.S Dhoni, this has been the most thorough and is a most worthy read.