by Anindya Dutta

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Pages: 119

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Anindya Dutta's latest book concerns one of his main cricketing interests which is Don Bradman's farewell tour and, after near misses on previous tours to the U.K., an undefeated one which led to the team's soubriquet of The Invincibles.

Another famous author, Kersi Meher-Homji, has at the end shared his memories of knowing some of the Invincibles and his as well as Anindya's passion and regard for these cricketers comes across in this compact book.

A resume of each Test is given as are some of the facts about the county matches which the Australians played. The real highlight of the book is some of the gems of less well-known information which Anindya has researched so diligently and which adds so much to the book.

Keith Miller was one of the most colourful cricketers on and off the field and, whilst many books have entertained and amused with the legendary cricketer's exploits off the field, Anindya has managed to come up with some more.

This Invincible tour was of course the one which left Bradman with a final Test average of 99.94, one of the most famous and well-known cricket figures. The Warwickshire bowler, Eric Hollies, who denied Bradman the four runs required for the 100 average, is quoted by Anindya in another fascinating tale.

The 1948 Australians played 34 matches, winning 25 and drawing nine and survived festival games and two matches against Scotland to achieve the unbeaten run which had started in April and ended, with little break, in mid-September.

Once again, Anindya Dutta has come up trumps with a fascinating book which is available at modest cost through Amazon. Many of the Invincibles lived to a great age and the teenaged Neil Harvey at the time of the tour is still alive and into the nineties. Bradman reached the nineties also but missed out on a century of another type.