ENGLAND ON THIS DAY by Richard Murphy

by Richard Murphy

Published by Pitch Publishing,
A2 Yeoman Gate,
Yeoman Way, Worthing,
Sussex BN13 3QZ

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Email: info@pitchpublishing.co.uk

Pages: 192

MRP: £14.99

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I am delighted to read Richard Murphy's updated version of cricketing facts which have happened on every day of the year, leap years naturally included.

I would imagine that it is no simple task to find facts - and interesting ones like Richard has unearthed - for every day of the year and especially concentrating on just one subject, albeit a wide one, in this case England.

The facts are interesting and take into account not just all the formats (Tests, ODIs and Twenty20) through the years but also births and deaths. Where the latter subjects have been mentioned, the paragraph is embellished and made even more interesting with facts about the person concerned.

Richard has done well also in finding on many occasions more than one event for a day with the relevant year added. The book is excellently laid out and photographs adorn various pages. There are many facts concerning not only well-known matches and players but more obscure ones which gives the book an even greater appeal.

Books such as England On This Day are both fun, informative and useful and Richard and Pitch Publishing are again to be congratulated.