by Tim Evershed

Published by:
Pitch Publishing
9 Donnington Park, 85 Birdham Road,
Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7AJ


Pages: 222

MRP: £16.99

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I have to say first of all that I admire any author who writes a cricket book such as this where others (who may or may not be brave to do the same) may have different opinions. Who are or have been the best cricketers? What have been the greatest matches or the finest batting or bowling performances? Well done to Tim Evershed for writing this book on Cricket's 50 Most Important Moments.

I was immediately taken by how Tim's fifty encompasses the very earliest days of the game from the 1700s and works its way through to the present day. The book does not just start with the Laws of Cricket in 1744 and rush hurriedly through to the present day so the reader will learn much about one of the earliest and most famous grounds, Hambledon; the changes in legislation; the first international match - I wonder how many will be surprised to find out the contestants?

The chapters on one-day cricket are interesting. Some may be surprised to read of The Midlands Knockout Cup in 1962 and the first Cricket World Cup in 1973. In 1973? Indeed. The Gillette Cup followed the following year after The Midlands Knockout Cup and the Women's World Cup in 1973 - with England beating Australia in the final at Edgbaston - was the forerunner of the first men's tournament, held in England, in 1975. The 1975 competition is a worthy entrant in the book as is India's 1983 victory over the previous two tournament winners, West Indies.

I would say that Tim has chosen fifty vastly different and interesting chapters which show the vast length and breadth of the game of cricket. The reader can expect to find chapters on Tests; the good and the bad events; memorable matches and performances; further women's cricket; evolution of the game both on and off the field, and the IPL. With each chapter being around four to five pages, there is ample scope to learn further about these events in the game. It is also nicely and generously written, and well researched.

I wish Tim and Pitch Publishing every success with Cricket's 50 Most Important Moments.